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​Going back to work after a break to look after children can be daunting, and even more so if you’re looking for a change of direction.

But with the help of the team here at independent recruiters 24-7 Staffing, we were able to guide Jo through and not only find her a new role, but in a totally different sector and one she is thoroughly enjoying.

Before Jo had her two boys, she’d spent 12 years working in childcare, in a nursery setting. She continued to work in the sector after she’d had her first baby, but – when the pandemic hit – she decided she wanted to spend more time with the boys in their early years, so took a career break.

“I wanted to spend those first couple of years with them and, working in childcare too, I know how valuable it is to be there when they achieve all those little milestones.”

Now Jo’s eldest, Charlie, is four, and Harry is two, she wanted to get back into the workplace, but she was looking for a change from childcare.

“During the pandemic I had time to reflect on what I wanted to do. Spending all my time with the boys made me realise I wanted something different in my working life, and I wanted a new challenge.”

Jo knew she loved the idea of office work, because she is very process-driven and enjoys admin, organisation and paperwork. Prior to working in childcare, Jo had been working in car finance so knew she’d be comfortable within the office culture.

However, when Jo started applying for roles, it was hard to find something to suit. She initially tried for trainee accountancy positions, but because she only wanted part-time employment this route was unsuccessful. In fact, looking solely for part-time, three full days a week, in the Chippenham area, ruled her out of many posts.

Step in 24-7 Staffing. Jo approached us and met with our Senior Recruitment Consultant, Hayley, to explain what she was looking for.

Hayley leapt into action and within a month found Jo the perfect role. She’s now working for a transport company as their proof of delivery (POD) clerk. Her role is tracking down PODs so the company can then invoice. Jo is thoroughly enjoying the work, and has thrown herself into it, tenaciously tracking down PODs – including one for £67,000! This is making a positive contribution to the firm’s cashflow.

“I was a bit nervous, because in childcare I had worked with women, and now I was going into transport which is a male-dominated industry. But I needn’t have worried. They have all been so welcoming, and positively want to bring more women into the business. They have also been really accommodating with my hours. So long as I get the work done, if I need to juggle my hours around the boys, they are happy with that.

“I am really enjoying the work. I have surprised myself, because it is so different from my previous job, but I am relishing the challenge of learning something new and there is scope to progress my career here too.”

For any other parents looking for a new challenge or direction after a career break, please get in touch to see how we can help.

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