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Last week we were delighted to be able to showcase what recruitment has to offer by hosting a work experience student from Sheldon school. Luke, who is just 15, spent the week learning all the various aspects of recruitment from job advert writing and CV searching to sales, operational tasks and payroll. It’s fair to say we were blessed to have such an enthusiastic and engaged student who was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Here’s what Luke thought of his week at 24-7 Staffing:

My experience at 24-7 Staffing has been nothing short of fantastic. All the members of staff have been lovely towards me and were very welcoming towards me on my first day. I would like to thank them for helping me during my work experience as I know that they probably had better things to be doing. I have learnt so much during my time here because of them and because of that I have loved my time here.

My highlight whilst being here would be absolutely everything from doing timesheets with Hayley, Josh and Ilona, working on Canva with Brad and making some job adverts, matching CVs to people with Matt, Ad Builder with Shane, sales training with Josh and Hayley to my final day which was looking at perm candidates on RDB with Josh.

I loved learning and doing everything that I did so a big thank you to everyone that helped me out and made it really enjoyable.

I would, without a doubt, recommend 24-7 Staffing for work experience for people who are doing it next year as I can guarantee that you will have a great time and experience a lot, especially if you’re interested in sales and recruitment like I was. As I have just mentioned, I came here interested in sales and recruitment and wanted to know how it worked and after this week’s experience I can happily say that I feel like I have a really good knowledge of it, which is again, a big thanks to everyone who helped out.

I would also like to thank Jo who was the person who allowed me to come here for work experience, so if it wasn’t for her than I wouldn’t have been able to learn everything that I have. As well as this, Jo made me feel really comfortable with the office, where everything was and the staff I will be working with as she very kindly decided to meet me outside her work hours to show me around.

24-7 Staffing believe in people power! We offer recruitment apprenticeship opportunities to people who demonstrate they have a positive attitude, enthusiasm and drive to succeed, just like Luke, so watch this space, he may be a future 24-7 Staffing apprentice!