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Labour Abuse Awareness

Labour Abuse and Modern Slavery

24-7 Staffing Ltd is not required to publish a Modern Slavery Statement as we fall outside the criteria, however, the Company upholds the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and is committed to operating responsibly and establishing high ethical standards across our company.

We are licenced by the Gangmaster & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), as such, we adhere to their very high standards to protect vulnerable people from exploitation.

More details of our Modern Slavery policy can be found in our Ethics & Business Integrity Policy and further information about the work of the GLAA can be found on their website.

Spotting the signs of labour abuse and exploitation in the modern workforce and knowing what to do about it is vital to stamping out the exploitation of vulnerable people in our society so here is some helpful guidance produced by the GLAA.

Check out these helpful videos

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Tackling Modern Slavery

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What is Modern Slavery?

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GLAA Modern Slavery

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5 Signs of Exploitation